Seasonal Sanctum

Seasonal Sanctum is an immersive sanctuary designed to resonate with the natural rhythms of the four seasons and their connection to human wellness.

The concept features four interconnected cylindrical structures, each symbolising a season, enveloping the occupants to provide a quiet, contemplative space away from the outside world. Inspired by the organic forms of nature, the pavilion's design gently embraces fluid curves, mirroring the seamless transition of time as one season merges seamlessly into another

The sanctuary includes a curated lighting system that mirrors the changing seasons, inviting inhabitants to forge a deeper connection with nature.

Each section of the sanctuary showcases seasonal material palettes from the Marmoleum range. Spring is represented by vibrant pastel hues, while summer radiates warmth with tones reminiscent of the sun and ocean. The autumn segment features earthy tones like copper and terracotta and winter is characterised by cool tones.

The dynamic interplay of light, colour and temperature aims to elicit various emotional responses, enriching the bond with nature and offering a soothing retreat from everyday life.