Riga Forest Cemetery

This proposal is the result of an   investigation into Life and Death, in the context of Latvian mythology. 

The search began with an idea of creating a spiritual and mythical location, without any religious connotation or attachment.

To achieve this, the proposal looks    towards Latvian mythology and iconography for inspiration, to create a Secular, spiritual building. 

Paganic in nature, Latvian symbols are geometric in shape and tend to depict gods, mythical figures and natures, and serve as a testament to the rich heritage that Latvia possesses. 

Rather than one distinct building, the program is divided and broken into long slender forms that appear to float, carrying the dead off to their final resting place. 

The stone clad objects balanced  majestically amongst slow flows of water would be a beautiful addition to the  Cemetery’s prevalent monuments. 

The resulting proposal is a harmonious and modest resting place for the dead; paired with the enchanting landscapes in the Riga Forest Cemetery.